Friday, 30 October 2015

Fitness Inspiration

This photo is my #LumiaFitnessInspiration  because my son has so much energy and enthusiasm for being outdoors. Its that passion that sparks my interest to keep up, to stay fit, and to encourage us to be healthy through what we do together! I love it when I hear one of them say "shall we run together" and I see my love of running rubbing off into their lives. I feel so proud that we bike to school together when everyone else goes in the car, and I know that my son inspires me, which inspires other parents, who inspire their children and that way we keep the fitness sparks growing! So why not let us inspire you too!

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere Review

This month as part of the Parragon Book buddies scheme we have been reviewing Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere written by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and illustrated by Lorena Alvarez.

Our first impressions have been that we love all the pumpkins faces on the front as they look so friendly an the glitter on the cover too. We don't celebrate Halloween so Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere is a nice book which tells of the adventures of four little trick-or-treaters as they make their way to the pumpkin parade. It was a good introduction to what some of my boys friends will be doing tomorrow night.

My five year old very much enjoyed reading this book to his younger three old brother. The text is really easy to read and there isn't huge amounts of it per page. I was really excited that he wanted to read it instead of me as he often feels quite daunted when its not a school text book. It has a great rhyme to it which really helps when you read it and the illustrations are great and we particularly liked the pumpkins shaped as the spider, bat, cat and wolf.

Overall if you want a fun themed book then you will really enjoy Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Everywhere. We really enjoyed looking at it together and it also inspired us to carve our own pumpkin face too!

Disclaimer: I received this product from the publisher for free. However, they have not paid me for this review, and they do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.