Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Doodle & Draw Spots, Stripes, Squiggles Review

This month as part of Parragon's book buddies scheme we were sent Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes and Squiggles to review.

As soon as this book arrived my 4 year old got stuck straight in. He has never been big on drawing where he comes up with his own ideas but prefers more structured colouring and patterns so this book has been perfect for him. What I like about it is that its easy for my son to read the instructions himself as well as see on each page what he is being asked to do. On most pages you have to complete the patterns using stripes, swirls, circles to complete the pictures. My son started with the spiderweb below and enjoyed connecting the segments and adding spiders in. It has been great to see him putting the time and effort in to completing each page and it is great for pen control too all skills that children in their reception year need.

The book itself it very gender neutral which I like and the paper is very good quality and not that flimsy kind that you sometimes get. It is very sturdy and the pen doesn't show through. We have been taking this in our activity bag when we head out and about as it has hours and hours of fun in it and lots of variety. It has been really nice to find a book that is more than just a colouring book that can captivate my son and hold his concentration. The book also encourages counting and matching and has lots of learning opportunities throughout it.

Overall we have really enjoyed doodling in this book and learning all about patterns and we would recommend it as it has so much packed into it. It would also make a lovely gift for a birthday.

If you would like to buy your own copy you can find it here: Doodle and Draw Spots, Stripes and Squiggles.

Disclaimer: I received this product from the publisher for free. However, they have not paid me for this review, and they do not exercise any editorial control over my review or anything else on this site.

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