Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Warm and Cosy Living Room Ideas

Decorating our living room is one of the many rooms that we need to transform in 2015 in our new house and I have been pondering just what to do with it since we moved in. One of the key colour trends said to be hot for 2015 is Seaport (the lovely blue/teal colour below). I picked the seaport colour palette as inspiration for my living room because we already have a armchair with a teal pattern on it and teal in our colourful stripy rug. Both of these items I love and I wanted to be able to keep them in any update we do without them looking out of place. I also felt it was a fun and fresh colour that brings the outside world in and would be enjoyed by both adults and children.

As you can see from my mood board below seaport is a rich colour which can be picked out in key features like furniture, wallpaper and blinds. I have complimented it with silver as I felt it made the colour look more vibrant and really gives it the wow factor without being overpowering. One of the things that our living room currently lacks is good lighting and I love the large bow lamp shown below which would bring the extra light we much need. I think when you use a coloured blind it can really add to your room accenting everything else you have making it seem brighter, and when I look at the blinds in the moodboard I can't help but think about the sky or the vastness of a clear blue sea.

Seaport Living room

Get the stuff: Large Bow Lamp, Boule Pendant Light, Hive Pendant Light in soft green and Twist Sofa in pello teal all from MADE.com, Energy Saving Blind from www.duette.co.uk, Metallic Bark Cushion in silver and Croft Collection Diamond Throw from John Lewis. Laura Cole Titanium Sardinia Wine Vase from Wayfair. The pouf, side table and painting are sadly not available to buy in the UK and I am pretty sure that I could find something similar here.

One of the challenges that we are also faced with is keeping the house warm. Its a big house and I want to be as energy efficient as possible but I feel we just loose heat. We have a big patio window in the living room as well as a large bay window which have the potential to be really lovely but right now they just feel really cold. We put the curtains up that you can see in the picture because we had them and they were better than the ones that the previous owners left, but I feel that they darken the room and they don't really match what we have.

Patio Window
Bay Window
One of my ideas for combatting this is to put Duette energy saving blinds up which work like a bit like honeycomb trapping the heat and thus keeping the heat inside my living room instead of it escaping (as you can see the picture below). It will also hopefully save us money on our bills too which is always good.  The second really good benefit for us as a family is that swapping from curtains to blinds is much better for dustmite allergies sufferers so it would be a really good choice for us and our health. When I watch all these amazing grand designs programmes with contemporary features they never have curtains so it is definitely the way forward in design which fills me with confidence that its the right move. I also think it looks neater not to have the clutter of a curtain.

I am imagining how different the picture of our bay window could look without the curtain clutter and with a bright and vibrant blind accenting the room but also bringing the outside in with it. Instead of a dark focal point it would be radically transformed.

Energy Saving Blind from www.duette.co.uk
Would you swap your curtains for blinds? What do you think of the seaport colour scheme?

This is my entry into the Duette Blogger Competition.

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