Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Super Sleigh

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas with nativity plays, christmas parties and cards arriving so to get us further in the mood we embarked on turning my youngest bed into a magical super sleigh for the afternoon. Red happens to be very much a colour favourite so we hunted around to find two red blankets to help us. I have also caught my two year old pulling the tinsel off the tree pretty much everyday this week so I said he could use it for his sleigh bed too. He gladly lugged it upstairs with glee written all over his face.

He got making straight away, talking about it and traipsing the tinsel everywear and I as always loved hearing his ideas about where he and the toys were going to go. You can see him in this picture talking away.

Things you need to know about this super sleigh are: 

- It has a special area to carry toys in at the back which is very soft and just how they like it.
- The tinsel when in flight makes it shine light a star for everyone to see and makes it look very pretty.
- The pirate T-shirt my son put on especially keeps other pirates away as you never know who you might meet on an adventure.
- It has a built in sleeping area to keep your legs cosy when you are travelling and also in case the driver happens to need a nap on route (which sometimes happens when your driver is two).
-The giraffe likes to eat chocolate off your fingers and so they have to keep all chocolate in a hidden pocket under the toys seat for extra protection. He called it the rocket pocket as his duvet and pillow have a rocket on them and they are what create the pocket.

The toys really really wanted to go to the safari park to see the animals and requested to see the camel, elephant, lion and kangaroo as "must see" animals. Thats why its pulled by the giraffe as who better to take the toys a sleigh safari then a giraffe.

Here it is the super sleigh! 
This post is my entry into the www.mattressonline.co.uk Super Sleigh Christmas Competition. If you fancy having a go at making your own sleigh bed I would love to see what your little ones come up with and you can find out more about the competition here: Super Sleigh. All you need is a bed and some imagination!

What are you doing to get you in the Christmas mood?

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