Thursday, 18 December 2014

Dreaming of a creative bed

Time 4 Sleep are asking for ideas from children about what their dream bed would look like. I was interested to hear just what my two boys 2 and 4 thought about it and what their ideas would be, as well as being a little apprehensive to what they might say as well.

So this is what they think:


Both boys love high beds (neither have a high one currently) and they have a huge love of climbing, so I am not at all surprised that they want something high that has a ladder for access up and a fireman's pole and slide to get down. They talked about a covered tent for sleeping under and I took that to mean above them but also on the side as well, and for my own sanity the idea of a tent is fantastic as I know they would be secure all night long and not have to worry. I can picture the side of the bed at the top being a fixed part of the tent at night securing them in and then dropping to form a slide in the day for extra fun. My two year old also added that he would like an extra springy mattress like Mummy and Daddy's for bouncing on. We have a memory foam mattress which is quite squidgy so you understand the texture he is after.

I love how practical both of my boys are already in their request for somewhere for drinks storage - a huge current problem that we have is that there is no obvious place. When both boys go upstairs to bed they often have treasures that they have been carrying lovingly in the their hands and pockets all day long. These special items often cause issues because there is no safe place to put them, hence why they would love a secret box for treasures. Password protected of course! I also like their idea of voice activated and iPad controlled and I am sure these are not that far in the future.

The one thing they said that I was most surprised about, and that I loved the most was that they wanted it to have a built in garden for flowers so that when they woke up it would be like being outside. I also like the responsibility this comes with and the instinct to nurture and grow things. Finally colourwise it has to be like the rainbow.

What ideas do your children have for a dream bed?

Finally Time 4 Sleep have already been asking adults what their ideal bed would look like and come up with three designs to suit everyones needs. My favourite is the dream bed for famillies which you can see in the video below. Have a look and see what you think.

I love its auto-pet feeder and built in coffee machine as they are exactly what I need. What about you?

This post is my entry into the #dreambed competition.

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