Monday, 10 November 2014

YOU Cleaning Products

I have been looking for chemical free cleaning products for quite a while as normal cleaning products have been making increasingly more ill everytime I use them over the last few years. I am sure that for some of you are thinking that it sounds like the perfect excuse not to clean, and perhaps it is, but as a busy Mum thats not really an option. It seems that I only have to turn around to discover sticky finger prints across my surfaces and windows. My kids are fond of messy activities perfect for learning and development, but not so good for me when I have to clean up. I have tried all kinds of different things over the past few years including mixing my own cleaning products with bi-carbonate of soda, vinegar amongst other things but although effective by the time I had mixed them up my time to clean had passed. So I was really excited and slightly skeptical to try out the new chemical free products YOU.

They have four products in their range Allpurpose, Kitchen, Bathroom and Window and you can get them in Waitrose as well as a few other places. The bottles feel really sturdy and I like that you can buy a refill rather than having to get a new bottle. The refill cartridges are really small and easy to store too. I think to get the best spray you have to open the nozzle and then you get really even spray coverage.

My favourite and most used is the Kitchen (red) bottle which I find degreases the work surfaces perfectly. We have granite which is a lot of work to keep clean and I find this gives the best clean on it and leaves it smear free. I also find it effective on our induction hob and around the sink. I bake quite a lot and there is always caked on dried flour and food which the Kitchen cleaner wipes aways with ease. What I like the most is that you buy a refill to top your bottle up rather than a new bottle. It works by you filling your bottle with water to just above the label line then you screw on the refill and shake. I have found the refilled bottle a little more soapy than the first bottle but it works just as well.

This is how simple refilling the bottle is
The allpurpose antibacterial spray (yellow) perfect for wiping up in between meals and keeping my surfaces clean after my boys have been in the kitchen. The smell reminds me a little bit of deep heat which I like but my husband opts not to use this one and uses the kitchen bottle instead because he is not so keen on the smell. This works well but I find is a bit more smeary than the kitchen cleaner on the granite.

The window cleaner was the first product I tried (blue) and was what convinced me that I should try the others in the range. I spent weeks saying "I can't believe I have found a chemical free product that actually cleans!" We were living with my parents when we started using the window cleaner as my boys kept leaving their lovely fingerprints all over their lounge window and my Dad and I were both impressed with the clean smear free window.

I am yet to fully try the bathroom cleaner but can let you know my thoughts at a later date, but I am hopeful. It nice to find a set of chemical free cleaning products that actually work and have a refill as well reducing the amount of plastic bottles I use too.

Have you tried them? What did you think?

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