Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sparkles with The Real Effect

I love jewellery, I am like a magpie to it always looking at what other people are wearing and how they are wearing it. I am a firm believer that a good piece of jewellery can turn a miserable school run outfit into a dazzler and can make you feel good to when you wear it. It can add elegance to your evening outfit or an incredible ring can just make your friends eyes pop out when you meet for coffee.

I have always had some kind of jewellery adorned on my person but since getting engaged and married I have found it much harder to pick other rings that compliment my diamonds. I am pretty sure I am not the only person with this problem. As much as I would love to compliment them with the real deal its just not really an option for me right now so I have been looking for something else.

What I like about The Real Effect who have been around for over 20 years is that they use hand-finished craftmanship with their silver pieces and they use cubic zirconia priding themselves that their gemstones look every bit as lustrous as diamonds. Perfect for accompanying a real diamond in my case or looking every bit as good as one in others. I like that idea that they look good enough that you can't tell they aren't real but without the diamond price tag which is very important for a magpie like myself. I like the idea of hand-crafted items as it feels more personal and I have an expectation with that of high quality products.

The Real Effect have lots of different items to choose from from contemporary pendants, silver and rose gold rings and elegant bracelets and earrings that would be perfect for a dressy evening out. I have picked out my two favourites although I could have easily picked a top ten as they have some lovely pieces going with a more contemporary feel. They do have a real range of different pieces so there would be something to suit everyone's tastes.

This stunning Fully Stone Sterling Ring, £70.10 is my first choice because it would go very well with my engagement ring (which is one white and one black diamond). I love the contemporary feel of this ring and I can imagine it looking great with skinny jeans as well as with heels dressed up for a night out. I love how elegant and pretty it looks and the overlap gives it that element for me that is a bit different and feels fun.

My second choice is this Sparking silver Pendant, £26.75 which caught my eye because its a little bit quirky and unusual and I think would look great with an elegant evening dress. It would draw attention to itself without overpowering the dress and it oozes with sophistication. I would feel very glamourous wearing this pendant and it would make a lovely present (hint, hint). When I look at this pendant I am drawn in by its mesmerizing swirls as they overlap and coil is so very pretty.

I love how real the stones really do look, and I know I would be fooled, what about you?
What pieces would you choose?

This is my entry into The Real Effect Blogger Competition in conjunction with The Diary of A Jewellery lover.

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