Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Pink Pizza - Zingology Review

I seem to have been having a pink November and having been sent a sample of the beetroot Zingology powder to try I couldn't wait to get started. Zingology is a organic juice powder and comes in four flavours; carrot, beetroot, raspberry and strawberry. I have been sent the beetroot juice powder to try and I was surprised to see that despite being powdered it keeps all the goodness that you would find in a beetroot (well lots actually as 207g is equivalent to the juice of 52 beets). They don't add any additional ingredients or colourings and it counts as part of your five a day. The science bit of the powder is what sets it apart from other powders because instead of subjecting raw materials to harsh treatments such as freezing and distillation via intense heat, Zingology uses a pioneering technology that dries gently, using only wavelengths of natural light, leaving the nutrients intact. 

We love homemade pizza and so we decided to add the beetroot powder to our dough by kneading in a tsp of powder through. We always cheat a bit and put all the ingredients into the breadmaker so I kneaded in the powder by hand after the cycle (although I think next time I will throw it straight in from the beginning so it gets a better mix). It worked really well and the boys and I were very excited about the pink dough! My tip for rolling out the dough is to oil the surface rather than flour and we find it rolls better and doesn't dry out your dough.

We topped our pizza with passata (because it makes for a really yummy tomato base), ham, grated cheese (mozzarella and cheddar), olives, sweetcorn and pineapple. We usually also put sun dried tomatoes on but we had run out on this occasion. This is the preferred combination of ingredients for the boys and they love helping to add the toppings. 

When the dough was cooked it still had a pinkish tinge to it but what we enjoyed the most was the taste. The beetroot just added that little something extra to the base that was delicious and we will definately be having pink pizzas everytime from now on. 

I have also been sneaking some of the beetroot powder onto my lunchtime salad which is heavenly and I love that you don't have the mess of cutting up a beetroot. I have found myself on a couple of occasions stealing a bit of powder straight out of the jar because it tastes so good. Its possibilities for adding it seem endless and I am thinking pink beetroot cake pops would look and taste great too. Or I might make the boys some beetroot ice lollies to try.
My lunchtime salad sprinkled and seasoned with beetroot powder
I like that this beetroot powder still contains all the goodness of a beetroot and yet is 100% natural. It was a fun way to add something new and different to our everyday cooking and I will be continuing to use it so watch out for it in my recipes. It would also be great to add it to food if you have a fussy eater too as I know some of you do.
If you want to find out more about the company, see their other flavours, get recipe ideas and find out where to buy it you can find out more on their website here: Zingology.
Disclaimer: I was sent a sample of the Beetroot juice powder from Zingology in order to review it.

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