Saturday, 29 November 2014

My Wishlist to Santa at Debenhams

Its almost December and this is the first year that my two year old has really understood what that means. Christmas might just be his new favourite word so I asked him what he would like for Christmas. After much consideration about this question he decided to draw what he would like and this is what he came up with.

To the untrained eye this might look a bit like squiggles however, once drawn he was very keen to talk about them. The top left is of skipper in blue and dusty in orange from planes, bottom left is of a christmas tree in green (very important) and Mummy and Daddy. I am really glad that despite Christmas being about gifts he has already grasped that its more than that, and I think this picture with his family in really captures that. Bottom right is of a new disney cars book and top right is something new to colour and draw with. I did try and capture on camera him talking about his wishlist but he turned terribly camera shy. I did manage to coax him in to talking a little bit though and I love how proud he is of his drawings.

Finally I tried to turn his drawings into an actual wishlist and managed to pull together a Disney cars and planes themed wishlist using items from which I hope also gives you some inspiration and ideas too. He was pretty excited when I showed him and I made sure to include his tree and to tell him that Mummy and Daddy would definitely be around to share in Christmas with him too.

My Wishlist To Santa

Get the list: Disney Planes Mini Dusty Radio Controlled Plane, £13.60, Planes Large Magnetic Scribbler, £12, Disney Planes Projection Torch, £12, Dickie 41cm Light and Sound sky force Helicopter, £17.60, Disney Planes Walkie Talkie, £12, Disney Cars Sing along, £5.99, Planes Dusty Go Glo Pal, £21.60, Disney Cars Off-Road racing Lightning McQueen, £23, Planes 9 piece Giant Foam Floor Puzzle, £13.60, Disney Planes Slide & Hide Game, £8 and Disney Planes 2 Riplash Flyers Playset, £17.60.

I tried to pick items that he asked for as well as some others too. The number one item that I think he really wants is a Disney Planes Mini Dusty Radio Controlled Plane, which I am glad is his first choice because thats exactly what he is getting. I interpreted something to draw and colour with as the Planes Large Magnetic Scribbler and I love that you can wipe this and start again as thats perfect for a two year old. The Lightning McQueen book I found was a Disney Cars Sing Along book which is something different from the Cars books we already have. Jigsaws and games are always popular but I think the extra items that I added to the wishlist that he really would use a lot is the Disney Planes Projection Torch as he is always stealing my husbands torch, and the Disney Planes Walkie Talkies as he loves to talk on the phone and I could see hours of fun being had with them.

What are your little ones after this Christmas?

This is my entry into the My Wishlist to Santa Blogger Competition hosted by Mummy Constant in conjunction with Debenhams. You can find out more about the competition and how to enter here: Mummy Constant.