Sunday, 5 October 2014

Why I need a new bath

We are finally in our new house after what feels like months of waiting and I am excited. The boxes are nearly all unpacked but now the work really begins to transform it into a home, one that works for us as a family... but where to start.

I am pretty exhausted to be honest from all that comes with moving, whilst my husband has been out at work I have been the one hanging curtains, shuffling items to their new ordered places and re-organising our life to work in this new house. Last week broke me in gently to the new school run by only having to walk 6 miles across three days, this week its twenty miles in five days, eek. So there is nothing I enjoy more in the evening than unwinding in a steaming hot bath. Except that the previous owners removed the bath in our en-suite and replaced it with a shower. This is my first reason I really need a new bath, because I so desperately want to unwind in it, and it isn't there.

This would be the one I would choose a Jubilee 2000 x 1200 Plain Bath with 12 Jet Whirlpool.

I can just image the soothing whirlpool on my sore achy school run feet, swirling and jetting away my aching joints with peacefulness and tranquility. A lavender candle lit next to me and a glass of wine in my hand as the dusky evening sets in.

My second reason for wanting a new bath is that not only did the previous owners leave us with a shower cubicle instead of a bath and despite having an electrical survey before buying they have left us with lights underneath the shower that are not safe to be in a bathroom. This one actually fills me with the most fear as we have two young children and changing them is crucial and immediate. I am concerned about just how we are going to remove them without creating a big mess in the bathroom due to their awkward (but pretty) positioning.

I feel bad not liking what the previous owners have done with their harsh and bold black tiles but for me the bathroom is my sanctuary, the place I retreat to to refresh and revive and I want to be drawn in by it, not looking around with a distaste in my mind. Black is okay in moderation but it there is so much of it in our bathroom it feels gloomy and dismal. So what would my dream bathroom look like in this new house?

Have a look at my Pinterest board to find out:

I am a big fan of bathroom storage and nearly every bathroom in every house we have ever lived in has lacked it, so its nice to have a bathroom cabinet that hides all those things out of site to create that clear calm space you need. I am not a lover of blue bathrooms in fact I can't think of anything worse, but grey seems so calming and a great colour to compliment my lavender themed bathroom with its shimmering purple wall tiles and hints of purple across the room. Lavender is such a relaxing colour and accented in tiles or even a mosaic pattern across the floor would really create the wow factor in the bathroom of my dreams. Plus it would be a great project to get stuck into to create a mosaic patterned floor and know everytime you stepped on it you created it. I tried to find an image to represent the floor I am dreaming of but I can't find anything like it so imagine Moroccan patterned tiling meeting purple hues in swirls and triangular clusters. Each section carefully planned and crafted drawing you towards the bath.

I don't want my dream bathroom to be an off the peg kind of bathroom, yes it might have things that come from places that everyone can buy from, but I want it to be presented in a way that gives it a luxurious feel, a spa within my home. Its unique floor is a one off and draws all of the different elements of the room into it. The chandelier (bathroom friendly of course) gives it that extra level of sophistication changing its mood, the perfect place to start and end your day.

What would your dream bathroom look like?

This post is my entry into the #WhyIneedanewbath blogger competition from Love Chic Living and which you can find more about here: Love Chic Living.

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