Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Upcycled table

I do like it when you can turn something thats cluttering up your house into something thats useful. Having just moved into a new house and after an emergency purchase of a fridge-freezer money is a bit tighter this month that expected, so I have been trying to make the most of what we have.

The router has a new location in our hallway and to be honest it has been bugging me for weeks that it was just tossed on the floor looking unsightly. My husband and I came up with the idea that we could get some kind of table or unit to put it on or in, but it hadn't happened yet and we weren't really sure what we wanted so I decided to get creative instead.

This was super simple to make and it cost nothing which is even better. We have stacks of books from a love of reading so I decided to put some of them to good use forming the base of my new hall table. After much deliberating and trying the books in all different kinds of directions we opted to have them spine facing out because they have so much colour on them, and I think look fab.

I then rooted around in the garage to see what I could find as a table top and found this cut up piece of MDF that came from the back of the kitchen unit. I am also thinking that you could spray something you already have too and this would work just as well, as long as its flat and sits sturdily on top. Finally we fiddled around with the book height so that it covered the socket behind it, then I found some russian dolls to stand in front of the router without blocking it too much so it still works.

This simple table idea would work really well for a living room side table or maybe even a coffee table if you had a much larger table top.

This was my little helper who helped me put it all together
I am really pleased with its final look. What have you been upcycling? I would love to see your ideas of other things that I could re-develop, particularly other storage ideas.

This post is my entry into the Upcycling competition being hosted by claireabellemakes in conjunction with Able Skills.

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