Tuesday, 21 October 2014

These boots were made for walking

For my birthday this year I asked for money from pretty much everyone so that I could buy a new pair of boots. A few years ago I had my feet measured and fitted and a pair of Cowboy boots made especially for me by a shoe shop in Totnes, Devon called Conker. I have huge problems with my feet suffering with peripheral neuropathy and my Cowboy boots have been the most comfortable thing I have found to wear and have been fantastic, so I couldn't wait to order a second pair.

Due to the boots being handmade I had to wait 6 weeks for them (just in case you are wondering why I only just got them and my Birthday is the end of August) and they were well worth the wait. As they already had my size on file it was really easy to pick what I wanted. I decided on the higher pull on boot and they sent me a purple swatch of leathers to look at so I could pick which colour I wanted. I also picked the harder Vibram walking sole as my Cowboy boots had the softer Vibram walking sole on and after two years have just been sent back for a re-sole (yes isn't that good).

So here they are and I am totally in love with them! You can also wear them rolled down too.

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