Monday, 27 October 2014

Surprise Flowers

Monday is usually my quiet day when both boys are at school, but not today, its half term. The day started in its usual breakfast mess and chaos and whilst I sat sipping my cup of tea in the kitchen contemplating starting cleaning up the boys ran off to play busying themselves. After the initial squabbles had piped down they seemed to be playing together quietly (this rarely seems to happen).

All of a sudden they came creeping into the kitchen and told me they had a surprise for me, so I followed part enthusiastically and part scared about what they might have done. "Surprise" they had turned over the red box and made with pegs three lovely flowers. I did not expect this and I felt like my heart melted in that very moment at how thoughtful as well as creative they had been. I feel very loved and special today.

I have no idea where they got the idea from and I am pretty impressed at how imaginative and inspired they were to make these using pegs.

What a lovely surprise.

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