Tuesday, 21 October 2014

My Jewelsy Wishlist

I love Jewellery and I think it brings that little extra something to your outfit when you add it in. I wanted to share my Jewelsy wishlist with you as the pieces I have picked aren't that expensive. They do have quite a lot of fun and quirky jewellery items too. 

I love a chunky necklace and they make this beaded one in white and multi-coloured as well. 
A few years ago I had a midi ring but when it broke I never replaced it because I couldn't find anything I liked, until now.
I love earrings and these look so elegant and yet modern.
A matching bracelet is always lovely when you have the necklace too.
What will you be putting on your wishlist? 

This post is my entry into the Jewelsy Bloggers Wishlist Competition.

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