Sunday, 26 October 2014

Green Tea Layered Crunch Pudding

Lately I seem to have made a lot of sweet puddings and as lovely and yummy as they can be I wanted to create a pudding that didn't have all the unhealthy ingredients in it, but still tasted just as good. Puddings are so tricky as nearly all of them contain sugar and I am not a fan of sugar alternatives so I decided to stick to simple ingredients that together combine to create something delicious avoiding sugar altogether other than whats naturally in foods.

Recipe: Green Tea Layered Crunch Pudding

100g Cashews crushed
300ml Natural yoghurt
400g Strawberries
1 Sachet of gelatine powder
Mint for decoration
1 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder

1. First you need to puree the strawberries, then sieve half into a saucepan and put on low heat and the other half save for later.

2. Add your sachet of gelatine to hot water and dissolve before adding to your saucepan with the strawberries in. Once mixed in, place in a container to set and chill in the fridge. (I used a lasagne dish and you want your layer to be about 0.5cm.) If you forget to sieve your strawberries like me you can always do it as you transfer to the setting dish.

3. The first layer is the crushed cashews (best done with a rolling pin and a bag) press it into place in your glass.

I had a little helper for Cashew bashing! 
4. Mix the Matcha Tea Powder with the yoghurt gradually as the powder needs to be well mixed. (Its always a good idea to taste it as too much powder can make it taste too bitter and a small amount goes a long way). This then can be added to your glass to form your second layer. (I mixed in a small pot each persons individually so that my husband got have less green tea and I could have more)

5. Add some of the pureed strawberry mixture as your third layer and finally cut your jellied puree to form your fourth layer.

6. Finally add a spring of mint to the top and enjoy.

The strawberries balance really well with the green tea yoghurt and give the dish a hint of sweetness. As you delve to the bottom of the pudding you get the crunch of the cashews adding another texture to the dish. For me its refreshing to have a healthy pudding dish that gives you a zing and burst of energy. It looked really pretty too in its layers.

Why not serve with a steaming cup of green tea which is packed full of antioxidants.

This post is my entry for the Simplyhealth Healthy Smile Blogger Competition.

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