Thursday, 9 October 2014

Finally life is beginning again...

So we got the house, I am so very very excited to finally be in a house that we own. Its been a big journey through living with my parents to get here and I am glad that next will be all about un-packing, sorting and making our new house our home.

I am pretty sad to be leaving Cambridgeshire for Lincolnshire but also excited about what lies in store ahead for us. Its going to be a busy few months as we figure life out, make new friends and locate where things are and I am totally ready for it.

I am looking forward to sharing my new adventure with you all and watch out so we will definitely have some DIY projects coming up, so watch this space!

We have now been in just over two weeks and now the school place and playschool is sorted life seems to be finally falling back into place again. I am loving the school run walk as some of you may have seen in my previous post about my morning win. I also like the house although some days it feels a bit like opening a can of worms where as others I really enjoy the space it offers us as a family.

One of the biggest and most annoying things when we moved in is that all of our bins were totally rammed full of stuff left by the previous owners. We missed putting the recycling out for collection as well as it happened on our second morning in the house and I just hadn't figured any of that stuff out yet. So we have two weeks worth of recycling crammed in our kitchen. However despite my frustrations the recycling turned into a really great Saturday afternoon project for my eldest son and I. We spent pretty much the whole afternoon sat at the table carefully choosing from the recycling items to paint. It turns out Mr Maker (yes that annoying man from Cbeebies) was right and if you mix fairy liquid in with your paint it helps it to stick to plastic! Not only did we have a hugely fun afternoon painting together but it also felt like such a relief to do normal crafty things together. I love it when something negative turns positive.

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