Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Fashion at your fingertips

Have you ever had shoe envy on the school run? Or remembered that you have no dress to wear for that wedding your attending on Saturday when your sat in a coffee shop? The only problem was by the time you got home you had forgotten all about it so you pulled your moth eaten one out instead and cowered in shame all day.

Do you like to have 10 tabs up on your computer when your shopping like me, desperately trying to match your trousers to the top you love except they are not on the same screen and they are from different shops? As much as you try you just can't tell if they will work or not and end up frustrated and with a fashion mis-match. 

Mallzee have just released a new version of their shopping app which I have been quick of the mark to download. This might just be the very thing to solve my fashion problems. It's easy to use and you can teach it about the things you love by swiping right for YES I want that and left for no thank you. You can also save your items into your trends categories or into your main folder meaning that you can put the pieces that make up your outfit from four different retailers right on the same page. For me this is where the app is different to just going directly to the websites because you can build outfits that you know work together - no more ten tab screens, hoorah. This also means no more mismatched clothes that you thought might work because you have the visuals to prove they do. 

You can teach it the brands you love and filter out the ones you don't which I am excited about. It has lots of big brands listed so it's also good if you want to be a fashionista but don't know where to start with it. It will also will notify you (if you want it to) when your loved items drop in price, another handy tool for bargain hunters like me that prefer to buy clothes in the sales and save their pennies. 

I once brought a pair of teal trousers from boohoo.com one of the brands featured on Mallzee and at the same time a top to match from another site. When the trousers came they were less teal and more green, an honest mistake that would have been avoided had I been able to see the colour next the top as it would have made it obvious that they were not a match made in heaven. 

So next time your in that coffee shop you could also be flicking through the latest fashion items and saving your new outfit whilst you sip your latte. On the school run you could be searching for those shoes you are drooling over whilst you wait for your children to appear with your new shoe inspiration stood right in front I you. You could also be bold and ask them where she got her beautiful shoes from and then find them on your walk home. 

Fashion has just got a whole lot simpler  and easier for me to fit into my chaotic schedule. Plus it's fantastic when you are still not sure which dress to choose because you can put them all next to each other for quick viewing by that trusted person. My trusted person is my husband and he is not patient enough to sit through pages of dresses as I flick from tab to tab. My other annoyance with clothing websites is that often if you place loved items in your basket, get distracted for a while and come back to find your basket items have been wiped. This does not happen with Mallzee your saved items remained saved and ready for easy access. Perfect if you like to think before you buy.

Finally I love that you can share what you find, it's fun to be able to share that top you think your friend would look amazing in with your friend. Or you could have a style off where you race to pick the perfect outfit for each other just because you can. I would love to have a style of with Natalie Portman just to see what kind of things she would pick as I always find her style so glamourous and elegant and yet with that quirky edge which is something I try to aspire too. Who would you like to style off with? 

You can find out more about the app and download it here: Mallzee

This is my entry for the Mallzee Blogger competition in conjunction with ebuyer and London College of Fashion.

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