Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Creative Play

I love encouraging creative play there is nothing more exciting for me as a Mum than to see my kids using their imagination to spark play that is beyond my thinking, mixing up traditional for imaginative re-thinking.

This is my eldest son and he is off school with chickenpox but despite feeling poorly he surprised me by still having the energy to play and put toys together that I never would have. He wanted the playdough out which traditionally you would think of being used for making shapes and sculptures but not in our house. Today it was a mountain for the digger to climb, a series of obstacles for the digger to work around. The mark making and cutting tools helped to shape the mountain but not in usual ways and they also became part of the dialogue becoming encouragers who egged the digger along on his journey. The colours were important and the red ball of dough soon got knocked onto the floor to oblivion, the blue held the key and held the play together being shaped and formed by small hands . I love the engagement in his face and his focus and determination to complete his play mission no matter what, oblivious to me taking a photo his imagination will succeed. For me what I like is that its great for his development to be using fine motor skills, creativity and imagination in the storyline and mixed media toys being brought together for the first time in new and exciting play.

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