Monday, 27 October 2014

A secret Shed-away

There is something so exciting about the thought of a secret hideaway, the perfect place to relax in in the evening whilst enjoying a glass of wine, or a cocktail. Love Chic Living and Tiger Sheds are challenging bloggers to come up with their dream shed hideaway so I have been dreaming up what mine would look like. My husband and I have always really liked the idea of a hideaway shed bar in our garden, the perfect place for entertaining whatever the weather. Its nice to be going out of the house when you are really staying in and it would be lovely to have a space that was just for us and was not invaded by children's toys. From the outside it looks like a log cabin not much bigger than the average shed but hidden within its depths instead of garden tools it has wine glasses. Instead of its usual dark shed like features it is bright and versatile with comfy seating. A place that draws you in and oozes of comfort and sophistication.

Bar in a shed

When I think about a shed I always think of a single light bulb hanging precariously from its centre barely giving enough light to see into its dark corners. So I wanted to keep that concept of a bare lightbulb incorporating it into my design for my bar shed hideaway, a clever way to remind it of its origins. 

I love bright colours and I feel like they really lift your mood which is exactly what you want when you retreat into this space in the evening, to feel refreshed and invigorated. The quirky eclectic mix of modern vibrancy I feel is a perfect reflection of my personality as well capturing the life and soul of the party which is exactly what I was going for. I wanted it to feel like each seat was different on purpose to reflect the uniqueness of the space it was in. Finally no stylish shed would be complete without a bar and I love how this one I found opens up out a box unit and would look as good closed down as it does opened up. I can just imagine myself in the daytime whilst my boys are at school snuggled into a comfy chair reading my book and enjoying the view of the garden. 

How would you transform and style your shed? 

This post is my entry into the Love Chic Living Style a Shed Blogger Competition. 

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