Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A Night of Hope with World Vision

This Halloween World Vision are encouraging us to turn a night of fear into a Night of Hope.

My children have everything that they need but #ANightOfHope highlights that for children of Syria every night of the year they go to bed scared and frightened. Many have seen unspeakable horrors and live in fear and uncertainty. Something that no child should have to face. 

So to raise awareness for #ANightofHope we have carved a pumpkin heart as a symbol of hope. World Vision will be collecting all the pumpkin pictures shared directly with them on their social media sites to create a pumpkin mosaic which will be shared with Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon during a visit in November. So if you want to create your own pumpkin and share it you can find out more about how to do it here: World Vision

Finally we have donated £5 by texting HEART8 to 70060 and you can do the same too. The money will be used for schools and educational equipment to give the children hope for the future.

We had lots of fun creating our pumpkin heart, the boys were fascinated by the carving process and it felt really meaningful to be carving for a good reason. Many of you will know that I am not a big fan of Halloween, and its not a night that I look forward to in the calendar, so it feels great to see it become something positive and bring hope to children who don't have the blessings that mine have.

Why don't you have a go at crafting your own pumpkin heart, I would love to see yours. 

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