Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A dinnertime change

Dinner time has been a bit of a disaster in our house in the last few weeks for the boys. Mainly because they are coming in from the school walk totally exhausted (which I am sure is just part of being 4 and having just started school) and because they are always starving I have moved their dinnertime forward to 4.30pm so that I don't miss the bedtime window. It works great at solving their hunger problems but I fear that because I haven't been eating with them their dinner habits have become a bit wayward and messy.

Fed up of this annoying dinnertime behaviour where not much food gets eaten and a lot of mess is created I decided to clamp down, but not in the usual way. Tonight witnessed a bit of dramatic (and probably totally hilarious fly on the wall action) creation where instead of me serving their food in the normal way, I became a new character "Mamma Italia". Mainly because I was serving spaghetti and meatballs and it seemed totally appropriate to create a fictional Mum who embraced the essence of their meal and told them all about Italy. She also taught them how to twirl up the spaghetti - although as you can see from the pictures they went a bit large with it.

I am not sure if was because "Mamma Italia" was so different from what they expected or if they enjoyed playing along too, but they both ate lots of food and the mess was so very minimal. I might also add they had to call my fictional character by her name and they had to call "Mummy" back at the end of dinnertime. Tee hee. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

When my husband came in from work the first thing the boys told him about was "Mamma Italia" and that she made them spaghetti and that did he know that Pasta came from Italy. Fantastic.

It might be a little crazy of me, but it worked and I had fun too rather than my usual pull my hair out dinnertime so I think I might just be off to dream up a few new crazy mealtime Mum characters for the rest of the week.

What crazy things have you done to make meal times run smoother?

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