Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Volcanic Maris Piper Mash

Anyone who saw my post earlier on this month will know that there has been lots of talk about volcanos in our house, and we even made one that bubbled away in the garden as an experiment to see all about how volcanos work. This month our favourite evening meal as voted for by my children has been our Volcanic Maris Piper Mash with peas and sausages.

We are big fans of the Maris Piper potato in our house as we find it to be very versatile for creating our meals as it makes great chips, mashes well, works well with a jacket and creates lovely fluffy roasties. I regular turn to potatoes for dinnertime as they need little preparation which is perfect when you are a busy mum. On this occasion we gave our bangers and mash a volcanic make over and its really easy for you to re-create too.

Peel and boil your maris pipers up and pop your sausages in the oven to cook (we like these chipolatas as they are really tasty). I love peas as an add on to a quick meal as they are really quick to boil up so put them on whilst you are sorting the mash. Drain the potatoes and mash with a splash of milk and some butter and serve with gravy (to create the lava). My tip is to make a well in the mash for the gravy to sit in to create the full volcanic effect. My boys squealed with delight as their volcanos arrived in front of them and tucked in quickly too which is just what you want at dinner time.

What do you like to cook with your #FluffyMarisPiper 's at dinnertime?

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