Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review of Life Canvas Stationary

This month instead of a book to review Parragon have sent me two items from their new stationary range Life Canvas. I was really excited to receive the Paris sticky note tin and the pocket notebook.

They have two themes for their life canvas designs Paris and Wild. The Paris theme feels very city-chic and elegant with its pretty pastel shades and iconic landmark of the Eiffel tower imprinted on it. I love stationary and it is so useful to have a pocket notebook to write down lists of things that I need to do and take notes throughout the day to remind me what still needs to be done. I like the stamp on each of the pages inside the notebook and the paper is very good quality and I was able to use a sharpie on it without it leaching through to the next page. The strap around it means that when I popped it into my handbag the pages all stayed put which is very useful.

I really love post it notes and having 11 different shapes and designs in my tin was very exciting for me.  I like that the tin keeps it all together so its right on hand but the notes are also protected so they don't get dog eared. Perfect for adding a little note into packed lunch boxes or leaving a little note stuck in a prominent place. They were really sticky and stayed put really well. I particularly liked the triangle notes with the hot hair balloons on them and the lamp post reminded me of reading Narnia when I was a child. Lovely for a touch of fun with your notes.

Overall we really liked the Life Canvas Stationary and I would very much recommend. With a journal, file folders, labels, pencils and lots of things in tins they have plenty in the range to choose from so why not take a look.

Disclaimer: I received the the life canvas pocket notebook and sticky note tin.

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