Thursday, 11 September 2014

Pack me up with some Suitcase Glory

We are moving house hopefully sometime in the next few weeks (fingers crossed) and I realised that when we moved in with my parents I used our suitcases to pack us up, and then I returned them back to the house with the intention of putting more stuff in them. What happened next was that I got distracted by my two children and realised a few days after our stuff had gone into storage that the suitcases had too. Moving to the new house might be interesting packing wise and I might have to borrow some, or I have been drooling over these lush suitcases I found from Suitcase Glory.

Suitcase Glory are a new 'designed in Britain' company launching officially on the 15th September 2014 with a new range of high-quality suitcases with unique and funky patterns to add a dash of personality to your luggage. They have three designs Life's a Beach - a cool design of beach huts and seagulls, World or Glory - city prints from around the world and Cherry picked - a fruity little retro number. My personal favourite is Life's a beach and I have been imagining myself collecting this off the  luggage carousel as we touch down somewhere warm and exotic. I love just how easy it would be spot it amongst the sea of other grey and black cases.

I am a huge fan of lightweight suitcases and this one is only 3.7kg which means you have plenty more space for packing all those extra things you really want to take away with you in its 38 x 23 x 62 cm dimensions . I also love super-tough polycarbonate as it really stands up to being used and I am excited that someone is finally making them in super fun designs. This suitcase really does have everything that I would be expecting from a suitcase; adjustable height handle (because I am short), TSA-approved built in lock and finally four 360 degree spinner wheels makes it a breeze to pull (and stops it toppling) when you also have a pushchair, two children and a husband to drag through the airport too.

Each Suitcase Glory costs £129 and can be pre-orded at where you can find out more about the company and the designs too. I am wondering if they will create new designs in the future as it would be really fun to see the scribbles and drawing my boys make on a suitcase design! Time will tell.

Disclaimer: This is my entry into Suitcase Glory's Blogger competition.

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