Monday, 15 September 2014

Monsters Drawing Competition  are asking children aged 10 and under to design a monster in their monster's drawing competition. There are three categories that the monsters can be created under; friendly, scary or random. If you want to enter you can find out more about the competition here:  or you can have a look at some of the other monsters that have been designed. There are some really interesting ones including ones that look very scary. Don't wait around too long though as the competition ends at midnight on the 16th September, so why don't you get drawing too.

My eldest son got drawing straight away and this is the friendly monster that he has come up with.

He is called Mr Rainbow and he is a friendly monster because he likes to play games and have fun. The light orange patch on the right is his play pocket and contains lots of fun ideas and games that he wants to play with you. He likes dominoes, a special octopus game, hide and seek is one of his favourites. On the left  near the top he is holding his dark blue shades because he loves going out into the garden to play too. Out in the garden he has lots of games in his pocket too like boules, hoola hoops, beanbags, obstacle courses, ball games and hockey sticks. You can see towards the bottom of the picture the pink orange and yellow together in a circle and that is his big bouncy beach ball that he is holding ready to play with you. He really is one of the most sociable and fun monsters you will ever meet. He has a big smiley face as he knows that some people often feel scared of monsters, so he smiles so that you know he is kind and lots of fun. Whats so lovely about Mr Rainbow is that he is very colorful and has lots of energy to inspire you as you play, and he will also help you tidy up at the end of the day and be ready for you again the next day.

My son is 4 and this was a great activity to keep him busy as he hasn't started school yet. Colouring is something that he is growing into and I was so proud of the attention and detail he paid to his special monster friend. I have never seen him work on colouring in one piece of paper for so long.

What monster will you create?

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