Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Let the games begin...

Week two of my #newthings challenges for the CSMA Club is all about playing a new game. If you want to read more about what its all about or take a peek at week ones challenge where we visited the Maize Maze you can read about it here: What an A-MAZ-ing day.

I was really excited about this weeks challenge to play a new game as we missed the playschool sports day due to me getting a sick bug the day before. Although my son didn't really even realise we missed it I felt like he had missed out on a little bit of fun and adventure. So in the garden today I set up some new games for my boys to take part in and try out, both individually and in competition with each other, a garden olympics with whatever I could get my hands on to build it with.

First up was the hula hoop ball challenge where we hid 6 balls around the garden and the boys had to race against the clock to get them back into the hoop. First round they did it in 30 seconds and improved from there up to 15 seconds working together. Then we continued to use the hoop as a target where they had to roll their boules into the circle to get a point. I was surprised at just how good my youngest was at this as he is only two and I thought he would struggle more. I love it when they surprise you like that.

We gave up on scoring after that as they weren't bothered about it and it was becoming a distraction from the games. Naturally what evolved from the hula hoop and the balls was the desire to also roll the hoop across the lawn and also see if we could twizzle it in a circle. For me when the boys take an interest and want to digress a game into something they are interested in I love to follow their lead and see where it takes us.

The boys have recently been given some beanbags so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring them out. They raced across the lawn against each other with the beanbags on their heads balanced, well sort of, we might need to work on that one but it was funny to watch. I also joined in and my four year old took over taking pictures. I then drew chalk circles on the walls for the boys to land their beanbag in, this worked very well and both liked practicing their throwing skills. The beanbags instead of balls meant that there was less chance of them breaking a window.

Then the final new game was an obstacle course which I set up using a few blankets and chairs to create a tunnel, the trampoline, around the table and then finally throwing your beanbag into the hoop. We tried two versions one where you ran straight around it and the second where you did it with your beanbag on your head. Both came with lots of giggles and excitement from both boys. As the afternoon went on the boys re-arranged the obstacle course and made one themselves and I could hear my eldest bossing the youngest around and telling him what to go under and over.

We had a lovely day playing new games in the garden and there was lots of chatter at dinner time about it which is always a good sign that they have enjoyed themselves. What new games have you played with your children this week?

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