Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Its a red kind of thing...

Folli Follie are asking you to create a wishlist of your London Fashion week style. As soon as I started looking and I mean really looking, I was captivated by this beautiful red bag.
I know the Nomad bag carries a price tag of £330 with it but I just can't seem to take my eyes of it. I find red to be such a vibrant exciting colour and that is exactly what I want for the Autumn months ahead. A little glimmer of vibrant beauty over my shoulder to throw colour into my day no matter how I feel about it. The perfect accompaniment to boots, stormy nails, dark skinny jeans and an oversized knit. 

I also loved the elegance of the smaller Nomad Body bag with its crossover strap it seems the perfect choice to grab when nipping out of the house to pick the kids up or pop out to the shops. Red can seem so daring and perhaps thats why I love it, its shocking uniqueness perhaps an outspoken reflection on who I really am. 

If you want to see what else I picked from Folli Follie you can see my top five red items on my Pinterest board here: 

Finally for me I picked red because it seems such an iconic colour from the red telephone boxes through to the London buses, red seems to feature and be making a big and bold statement wherever we go. Exactly the one that I want to me making too with my fashion choices this Autumn.

This competition is open to the general public; for more information follow this link: I would love to know what you would style.

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