Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dancing away with culture

This is my fourth challenge for the CSMA club and its been a fun four weeks, I am just a bit sad that this is our last challenge. This week our #newthings challenge has been all out experiencing a new culture. I would have loved to have whisked the boys off on an adventure holiday in a new country but that wasn't going to happen this week so as my parents have been hoilidaying in Hawaii we thought that would be an interesting culture to have a look at.

Researching Hawaii
First things first we gathered around the computer to research and look at pictures of the amazing coastline, images of the native dance and what really captivated my eldest son was the volcano. Of course then he was worried that it might have erupted whilst his grandparents were visiting, I reassured him that it hadn't.

We headed outside to the back garden to practice our Hawaiian dancing which consisted of a lot of hip wiggling and gently moving our arms. The boys had been pretty wowed by the amazing headdresses and weird costumes which made the men look like they were just wearing their pants. We imagined as we were dancing our own elaborate costumes with grass skirts and big feathery head dresses. A lot of the Hawaiian dances tell stories and so we had a go at telling stories through dance too. It was a really fun way of moving outside and a bit different from our usual garden activities.

Dancing the Hawaiian way or something like that!
Officially Hawaii is one of the 50 states of the USA which I always forget and we talked about that as well as what they might say to greet us "Aloha". We talked about what it might be like to live there and they were excited that they might get to go to the beach everyday and how strange it would be to live so close to a volcano. In fact not to one but there are three active volcanos in Hawaii.

Finally we decided to make our own volcano and I found a good recipe to use online, it uses cups to measure it which I really like as it makes it easy for my boys to measure it out themselves, here it is:

3 cups of flour
1 cup salt
1 cup water
2 tablespoons cooking oil
Food colouring (we chose red and yellow to make orange)
Washing up liquid
Baking soda
Plastic water bottle
Large tray or dish

1. First create the volcano cone using 3 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 cup of water and 2 tbsp cooking oil and mix it up to create a paste. You might need to add a bit more water (we did) and it should be smooth.

Making the volcano cone
2. Fill your plastic water bottle nearly full with warm water and add a few drops of food colouring. (You need to make sure that no dough for the cone goes in the bottle so I put the lid pack on until that part was done)

The food colouring in the water bottle
3. Place your bottle into the middle of your tray or dish and build your volcano cone moulding it around your bottle
Adding the mixture to the bottle to create the volcano cone
4. Take your lid off and add 6 drops of washing up liquid and 2 tbsp of baking soda

5. Pour the vinegar into the bottle and watch it bubble and erupt!

We headed to the garden to make our volcano erupt and that was definitely a good move as it was very messy along with very fun. It was really easy to do and both boys really enjoyed measuring the ingredients in and then creating the volcano cone by packing the goop around the bottle. We had very sticky mucky hands which is always exciting, I think boys need to get messy its just part of who they are. Then came the exciting bit pouring on the vinegar which made the volcano erupt. There was gasps of joy and giggles aplenty as bubbles and lava poured out of the bottle and down our volcano. What fun. I definitely recommend having a go at making your own volcano and for older children its a great way to demonstrate why a volcano erupts and the workings of it.

We had great fun learning more about Hawaii and we are looking forward to seeing all the pictures and hearing all about my parents trip too. I hope that the boys have experienced a little bit of another culture and we definitely had fun doing it.

This post is my entry to the #newthings challenge set by the CSMA Club. We have been trying the CSMA Club out over the last few weeks too and so far I have ordered a shopping supermarket card online that gave me a 3% discount. The great thing about the card is that its re-loadable and they had a huge amount to choose from and although the discount seems small, over a year that would be a much larger saving. They have some great competitions for their members called zings and they offer discounts and savings on a whole variety of things, one that caught my eye was 5% discount with cottages4you which is something I will be looking into when we next book a cottage. I am still looking at what they offer but it is definitely worth a glance to see if they can save you money too.

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  1. Hi Hannah,

    This is a beautiful post :) I really love the images and the focus on the kids learning about a new culture. So important!

    I was also hoping you wouldnt mind kindly updating a couple of things in the post for me? I work with Boundless who have rebranded, they used to be CSMA Club and you've really kindly mentioned the brand and given your valuable thoughts about it. As Boundless have rebranded and have a fancy new site, would you be able to change the links and info to reflect that for us? The new site is www.boundless.co.uk - thanks very much!

    - Rachel