Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Review of Away in my Aeroplane

This month we have been sent 'Away in my Aeroplane' by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Henry Fisher to review by Parragon. This is the second book that we have reviewed written by Margaret Wise Brown and we were excited to get stuck in.

Having two boys they were both excited by the cover with the little boy in the aeroplane and couldn't wait to get reading it. It has the rhyming motion we expected which catapults you onwards throughout the book, and its easy to read too. The illustrations capture the scene beautifully and we loved looking at each page to see where the little boy was flying to, or over. My youngest son loved the page where the farm animals look like ants and he enjoyed trying to work out what they all are from their overhead shot. We also liked the silhouettes of the cats as the aeroplane flys over the city nightscape. My eldest son who is four I have overheard reading the story to his toys a few times. The simplicity of the story means that remembering it is much easier than some of the other books we have. I overheard him telling his toys about the bit where it says "I wave to the sun, I shout to the rain". He also explained to the toys that the aeroplane likes to loop the loop.

'Away in my Aeroplane' we have found to be a great book for both boys (2 and 4) which is nice to find a book that works for both of them. Overall this is a lovely story and perfect for bedtime reading for an aeroplane enthusiast, I would recommend.

If would like to buy your own copy you can on Amazon here: Away in my Aeroplane

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book in order for me to review it.

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