Monday, 21 July 2014

The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile

This month Parragon have sent us to review 'The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile' by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Henry Fisher.

This fishy tale follows one family's quest to search the sea looking for the fish with the deep sea smile - but can they catch it? The book takes you on a rollicking rhyming adventure, along the way and is illustrated beautifully by Henry Fisher. I have been excited about this book as it has captured the interest of my younger son, who is 2. Up until this point reading has been challenging with him, he just couldn't seem to sit still for long enough to listen before wanting to just flick through the pictures himself. 'The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile' has changed all of that, he couldn't take his eyes of the pictures and the rhyme seems to lull him into a stillness that enables him to listen. In fact he loves this book so much that when I tried to take it from his bedroom so that I could write this review up he took it from me and said "No Mummy, the fish book stay in my room, you no have it". I snuck it out later when he wasn't looking!

The story is based on a rhyme and it took me a few attempts of reading it before I felt that I had it down. You have to really read it well because lots of the words get repeated and in places it feels like a bit of a "red lorry, yellow lorry" tongue twister, pushed on by the momentum of the story. My eldest son really liked the map in the middle of the story (seen below) showing all of the places that the family have looked across the sea. He has been learning about treasure maps at playschool and the map looks very like one, they also both like to trace their fingers in the directions of the arrows.

We have really enjoyed this story and it has become a firm bedtime favourite with my younger son and we would definitely recommend it. Its such a fun story, and we loved seeing all of the weird and wonderful fish they catch when they are looking for the fish with the deep sea smile.

If you would like to buy a copy of 'The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile' you can from Amazon here: The Fish with the Deep Sea Smile. It would make a great present for a little persons birthday or for Christmas (if you are thinking about Christmas already and stocking fillers).

Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the book in order for us to review it.

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