Monday, 21 July 2014

Beltlock Review

Have you ever had that awkward moment in the car when someone unclips the seatbeat thats holding your childs carseat in place? Whats worse is that they then jump out and you don't realise the seat is unclipped and so you carry on driving. Its an easy mistake to make but with very serious consequences. I am a huge advocate of carseats that don't require using the seatbelt at all and lock straight into the seat using isofix, however we like so many other families have one carseat that still requires to be secured in using the seatbelt.

Most people find that their older children accidentally unclips the wrong seatbelt when undoing their own but we also have the problem with an elderly relative that we take in the back of the car too. The above situation actually happened when this relative unclipped the wrong seatbelt, then got out of the car without me realising that my youngest son was no longer secured. I am thankful that nothing happened to us on the way home, as I didn't even consider this happening until it did, and we arrived home safely but its a situation that I never want to have to worry about again.

I was sent this Beltlock to review and it has put my mind at complete ease now when traveling in the car. It was really simple to install in the car and comes with instructions on the cardboard that surrounds it. You just slip it over the seatbelt receiver and then you put the buckle through the beltlock and secure it as usual, thats it!. Little fingers and much bigger fingers in my case can't get down through the beltlock to unclip it. To remove it you use a key to the release the seatbelt and it unclips. It really is as simple as it sounds.

These are the installation instructions on the other side of the cardboard packaging
This small little device has been a lifesaver literally when traveling in the car and I would recommend if you are having the same problem as me, or if you want to prevent someone accidentally undoing your child's carseat, its so easily done and so easily preventable with this little device, the Beltlock.

Disclosure: I was sent a Beltlock device in order to test and review it.

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