Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Sleepy Train

This month as part of Parragon's book buddies scheme we have been sent The Sleepy Train by Mark Marshall. We love getting new books to read and this one has become very much loved by my eldest son. 

In the story we join Bear and his friends in the cozy little Sleepy train as its sets off on a magical night-time journey... all the way to the Land of Nod! This book is the perfect choice in my opinion for reading at bedtime and it has become a firm favourite for snuggling into bed and quietly reading. We also tried reading it in the dark and my son shone the light on the words for me to read as we went through. 

As always the pictures are beautifully illustrated and we love how they have captured the animals that climb aboard the train, although I think my son would tell you his favourite is the owl at the end who holds the Night Night sign. The book starts off with a rhyme:

"Driver's engine, clean and smart,
Whistle blows, it's time to start,
Wheels are turning, lights aglow,
'All aboard, and off we go!' "

I really like the bits that rhyme as it gives a great flow as you read, it does lose the rhyme in places and that would be the only thing that I would change with it, I would have liked the rhyme to flow all the way through it. I do love it when we get to the end and all of the animals have fallen asleep and my eldest seems so soothed by the story as he settles down to sleep himself.

If you want to buy a copy yourself you can get one here on Amazon: The Sleepy Train

Overall we have really enjoyed this book and we can't wait for bedtime tonight so we can read it again.

Disclaimer: I did receive a copy of this book in order to review it.

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