Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Great British Home - My Dream Bathroom

So Mumsnet and Victoria Plumb are hosting a competition about bloggers dream bathrooms as part of their Great British Home campaign. We are moving house shortly and so I have been dreaming quite a lot lately about just what my perfect home would look like. To give a little help with Bathroom furnishings Victoria Plumb have designed a quiz which tells you all about your bathroom style and gives you suggestions as to what you could have in your bathroom. If you fancy finding out your Bathroom style you can here: Great British Home Challenge.

I began by taking the Great British Home Challenge myself and it came out with some interesting results! Here they are below:

I have to say that I am a little intrigued by this result as I have actively avoided watching Downton Abbey with great passion and although I like the period style I am definitely more drawn to open plan spaces, contemporary lines, bright and vivid colours and I don't think there is anything subtle about me at all! However I think it would be fair to say that I am a bit of an anomaly with an eclectic sense of style so that is quite tricky to pin down in just a few questions. I do however secretly want a Steinway piano for my living room and I love opulent fabrics so maybe its not as far away from my choices as I first though.

This did get me thinking about my dream bathroom and my eye got stuck on that chandelier that you can see in the picture above. What a fantastic way to transform your bathroom from that everyday functional place into a dreamy place to sip wine whilst you bathe in a double Jacuzzi spa bath, enjoying the peaceful lull of Coldplay in the background as you soak and dream the day away. Thats exactly what I want from my bathroom, a retreat with amazing views (hopefully I own that mansion so no-one can see in), a place to refresh, revive and relax forgetting about all the stresses and strains that the world brings upon us just for a moment to unwind.

Check out this amazing view in this Victoria Plumb Arc Bathroom Suite, and I love the sleekness and flow of this room! 
If traditional wallpaper is back with a bang this year I feel that it should be top of my list, but I am not sure that my bathroom would be the place I will put it, instead maybe a feature wall in my living room. It got me thinking that I would love to be able to fully tile my bathroom in elegant glass tiles with splashes of colour that sparkle under that amazing chandelier creating almost a glitter ball effect (but a more elegant version).

Then we get to what would be inside it, I have already mentioned that double jacuzzi spa bath which is important as we had one in our honeymoon suite  (it was heavenly) and it would be a fantastic bath to relax in, it would have to have some clever water saving divide that could be used if we didn't want to use the whole of it. Having two boys who are two and four my must have would be a glass dome for my toilet that automatically senses them approaching and gets into position to ensure it all goes in the right place, they currently are not good at aiming and need all they help they can get! Please tell me its not just me that dreams about that. An amazing sucking system for using toys within the bath that not only gathers them up and stores them but also dries them out so they don't go moldy without me having to anything at all but press a button! Bathtime is always a bit hectic and it would be a great help, and would return the bathroom to being that relaxing retreat.

Doesn't this jacuzzi spa bath look so inviting? 
I always need time to think when I am using the bathroom, I find it is the source of so many of my creative ideas as well as where I mull over all the things that have been getting to me, and put the world to rights so to speak. So as well as a walk in shower I would also have a sauna to be my think tank, it seems to fit the bill perfectly. Two sinks, yes please. I know it seems greedy but sometimes its nice not to share!

One of my big annoyances about all of the houses we have lived in over the last few years is the lack of storage in our bathrooms. I am dreaming of a pull out cupboard with uniquely designed spaces to store my nail varnish and range of bathroom products, after all it is nice to have a variety of bubbles to pick from for use in your bath.

Do you ever find yourself in the shower and then you realise that you have left your towel on the other side of the room? Or your kids have moved it across the room on your behalf and then exited the bathroom? Well it happens to me all of the time and my dream bathroom (which I am thinking might be more of a fantasy than a dream) would have a button that brings your towel right back for you to wear you need it. I am not sure exactly how it works yet but perhaps a large magnet draws it in, or hopefully someone will come up with an amazing idea to make my dream a reality.

Finally my bathroom would have this sleek professional feel to it with contemporary and traditional meeting elegantly together in the same space over under floor heating. It has the ambiance of peace and its definitely a room that I will be hiding away in.

What would your dream bathroom look like and what would be your must have bathroom item? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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