Thursday, 19 June 2014

Cunard Mediterranean Bloggers Competition

Love Chic Living and The Swelle Life are running a bloggers competition with Cunard to pick one of Cunard's mediterranean cruise destinations as an inspiration for a Pinterest board that tells the story of that port and has a home interior inspired flare to it. I decided to choose Seville, Spain, its a destination that I have never been too but I would love to see. My initial thoughts were around oranges and Flamenco dancers, we love making marmalade and the only thing you should be using is oranges from Seville and it got me curious about Seville as a place; could this little vibrant orange be reflected in their decoration and interiors too? Having studied dance, Flamenco was going to be top of my list when thinking about Spain, such a passionate dance both in the way it is danced and through the colourful and detailed dresses with which the dancers wear. A beautiful and intriguing portrayal which I tried to capture along with the vibrancy in my Pinterest board:

I chose the images I did because the more I looked, the more I was drawn in by the eclectic patterns and the ornate detail found in their decoration. Patterned tiled floors, vibrant colours, detailing on their staircases, ornate pottery, big oversized wooden furniture mixed in with wicker chairs. When I am coming up with inspiration for decorating I can never quite decide on what I want and the style of Seville seems to fit with my indecisiveness and also my love of mixing different patterns that sit in harmony with one another. I have never seen anything quite so beautiful as the sun streaming in through the patterns creating new shadows and lights that illuminate a space to a new level.

The image below of the The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain, by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects is a fantastic inspiration. This sculptural wooden structure is so intricate to me in its detail and yet it still feels modern and not out of place in the skyline of Seville, still capturing the attention to detail seen across the city. 

The Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain, by Jurgen Mayer H. Architects
This Courtyard of Alcazar in Seville is just beautiful in everyway and I love the contrast of the building with the simplicity of the red tile. I can imagine sitting snuggled in the corner of this courtyard reading a good book using the inspiration of this magical place to catapult me into the depths of my book. It seems such a peaceful place despite being surrounded by finite detail.

Courtyard of Alcazar in Seville
Finally I found my eyes gazing upon the beauty of this room in the EME Catedral hotel in Seville. I love the patterned window contrasting with the detail on the chair and the woven circular rug. All working alongside each other in harmony as the lights shines in creating yet more detail and atmosphere. For some it might seem overwhelming but for me it gives me the feeling of vibrancy and peace at the same time. Its that same feeling that I would be searching for in my living room, a harmonious meeting of eclecticness.

EME Catedral Hotel, Seville 

Wow - Seville is such an inviting and inspiring place! I feel in awe of the way they use patterns and such bright vibrant colours both inside and out in harmony with wood, stone and ceramic to root the intricate and delicate patterns that seem to dance before my eyes! I hope you have enjoyed seeing Seville with me, where would you chose as your inspiration?

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