Thursday, 29 May 2014

Living in Limbo

Anyone that knows me will know that nearly all of the time I can't do things by halves, I have to dive right in or not at all, its just who I am. So you can begin to imagine my frustration at being in Limbo! If you don't already know we are on the move again to Lincoln, and my husband started his new job a week ago. In the interim we, myself and the boys have moved in with my parents so that we can figure out all the tiresome moving stuff that it comes with. Except that now I am stuck in this interim stage, frustrated that I can't get on with organizing all of the things that need to happen with moving to Lincoln because we don't have a house (yet).

So sorry if I have been quiet in the last month, life is far from normal at the moment and with two boys the unsettled feeling comes with challenges of its own. I feel like I have had a month of Mondays - you know the day after having two adults on hand all weekend long to keep the boys busy and then suddenly there is just me, and I am not the one the want, and as much as I would like to play all day long dinner still has to be made. Mondays are always the most exhausting days of the week.

My youngest pointed at our old rented house on the way back from the park and asked if we could "Go home now", I nearly cried. This time moving seems so emotionally draining and time consuming! I am so ready to go home too, well to our new home, wherever that is!

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