Saturday, 5 April 2014

Weekend Box review

A few weeks ago we were sent a Weekend Box to try out but due to moving house into temporary accommodation we have only just got around to trying it out and playing with it. My son who is 3 nearly 4 was pretty excited about the box which comes with 4 different activities to be completed; heathy, green and creative activities for you to cook, make, explore. The boxes are the right size to fit through your letterbox so you don't have to be in when it's delivered and you don't have to pay for postage. It is also really excited to come home from school and find one sitting on the mat waiting for you!

The first activity my son wanted to do was the Make which came with an instruction card and a kit with all the craft materials in it (every kit comes with instructions and a bag full of things you will need). With Sammy the squirrel as our instruction guide we set about making the rocking spring bird. As my son is on the younger side I needed to sit and help him but a six year old would have been able to sit and work on their own reading and following the easy instructions given. Everything we needed was in our kit except for scissors and the plate that we needed to draw around. It allocated 20 minutes for making and we did have to leave the powder paint to dry but the timings were about right. I liked the timings as it meant I could help him choose an activity that fitted the gap we had before lunch. We also had most of the materials in our own craft supplies to make a few rocking birds at a later stage which is always nice to know you have an activity you can call upon on another rainy day.

The next activity we competed was the Sound explorers activities with Oswald the owl which taught us all about sounds, emotions and funny faces. My son was not as interested in this bit of the activity as I thought he might be as he was distracted by the straws that come in the make a robot voice box kit. The make a robot voice box bit was definitely my favourite of all of the activities as the activity sheet gave us a link to this fantastic how to science YouTube video which you can find here: (or its below) it's definitely worth a view! We managed to get the straw to work as a reed but we did struggle a bit with the robot voice, I decided it would be something my brother would be able to help us with over Easter. In the video they do say that it can take a bit of time to get the combination of the reed and the balloon right. We really enjoyed this activity and the beauty of these boxes is that there is something for everyone in them!

This is Part 1 Make a Robot Voice Talk Box by science toy maker!

With every activity you get a sticker once you have completed it which is a great way to track what you have done. We have put the Green pancakes with Wooster the rabbit aside as it's the cooking activity. Due to us being in temporary accommodation right now we didn't quite get around to this but the green pancakes look very tasty they came with a special spice mix.

Finally we completed the Pot O'Gold game with Hattie the hedgehog which my son really enjoyed and has played with on several occasions since we first made it. We created a rainbow over a beaker with our pipe cleaners then we took it in turns (and my son also played by himself) to toss the gold coins into the pot. This activity kept him busy for a really long time and he liked the independence of being able to complete it without my help.

After playing with the game lots my son decided to use the pipe cleaners to make a caterpillar as an extra thing. It's always nice when activities keep getting reinvented! 

We really have enjoyed completing this. A slightly older child who could read independently would get the most benefit from this box as with my son being do young I still had to sit with him but I can picture him in 2 years time sitting on his own quietly working on his activities as much as he could. The usual cost of the box is £7.50 per box but you can try your first box for FREE, yes for free, even the postage too if you use this code HANNAH150 here: You can also get a 3, 6 or 12 month gift subscription which would be great for a niece or nephew as a little surprise every two weeks. You can also add a sibling box on for £4.00 as well if you need to have two or more. I also like that you don't have to subscribe but you can do a one off box every now and then for a treat. Perfect perhaps to keep little hands busy in the Easter holidays?

We have very much enjoyed making our weekend box activities and although at £7.50 I won't be buying one every two weeks, I think they are great with such a wide range of activities in them and they would be great and special treat every now. I definitely recommend that you try your first box for free using the code above and try them out for yourself. 

We were sent a box for free so that we could review it but all if the opinions are my own. 

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