Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hold that thought Milton!

This month as part of Parragon's Book Buddy Scheme we have been sent 'Hold that thought Milton' by Linda Ravin Lodding and illustrated by Ross Collins. I was very excited to receive the book as its such an interesting title and I love the image of Milton and Burp the frog on the front cover.

It is a comical story following a young boy, Milton, who has a lot on his mind. As hard as he tries, he struggles to get anyone to listen to him - and he has something very important to say! So when Milton loses his beloved frog, Burp, Milton takes matters into his own hands. I love Milton's questions in the book and his inquisitive mind like where he asks "Do all frogs have twenty-three warts like my frog burp?". Aunt Lulu's wedding has everyone in the story busy, too busy for Milton. Eventually when Burp goes missing he ends up starting to turn green, and his tongue goes all sticky until eventually, during the wedding he explodes. Finally everyone understands and Burp is found.

This book really had us laughing, its not often that we find a good children's book full of humor like this one. My three year old sat happily listening and enjoying it and behind us I could hear my Dad shifting so that he too could listen in. It was nice to have a book that was a little different to read and we have certainly enjoyed it. We like books that are quirky and if you do too, you will definitely like this. The content was a bit too old for my younger son, who is just two, but he enjoyed listening along all the same. We also enjoyed putting in all of the voices of the different characters and they way they tell Milton to "Hold that thought".

It is wonderfully illustrated as you can see from the pictures which both of my boys really liked. I always feel that books with such good story lines and great pictures will grow with us as my boys grow, and would be perfect for a young reader as well as a bedtime story for a younger child. We loved the quirky comical storyline that this book brings.

If you would like to buy Hold that thought Milton you can get it here: Hold that thought Milton.

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