Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Look what we made...

A couple of weeks ago I was looking at Facebook when on my news feed popped up this amazing car storage garage made of toilet rolls. I was impressed, and I immediately thought "we could do that".  In true Hannah fashion I paid no attention to the detail of how they did it but captured the image in my head. My son was quick off the mark collecting our toilet rolls and kitchen towel tubes we had lying round. He also instructed our local family members that they needed to be saving theirs too. In the meantime I found a large poster tube.

Feeling brave last Friday morning I decided to embark upon the big make. We put our large collection of tubes together and figured that we would improvise if we didn't have enough (which we didn't quite). We had a large cardboard rocket that we painted last summer which wasn't holding its shape any longer. The cardboard was still good though and that's what I used to cut out the cardboard shell for which our garage would be formed on. I think other people used a wooden crate but we didn't have one and the card worked just as well. 

Painting the tubes was fun, and messy. I instantly regretted given my three year old a paint brush inside as he flicked paint up onto the ceiling. Thankfully I was stood at the ready to swoop in and clean up the splatter. I didn't trust my youngest with the tubes and they were a bit tricky to paint inside so we just gave him some paper and that kept him happy. 

Whilst the tubes dried out I continued to glue the outside box shape together. We then carefully glued in the painted tubes sitting them quite tightly to hold the shape. We didn't have quite enough so I found some tissue boxes to use to fill in the gaps. We then left it to dry overnight before we stood it up. 

The following morning the boys were very excited to see it finished and couldn't wait to put their cars in it. I have to say I think we did a good job and we are really pleased with it. The tissue boxes are actually great for storing the aeroplanes we have.

What kinds of things do you like to make with your children? 

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