Monday, 17 March 2014

Dino Supersaurus Review

This month as part of the Parragon Book Buddy's scheme we have been sent two their new Dino Supersaurus books; Superpower coloring and Stickersaurus. These books are brand new and have only just been released and my son who is 3 was very excited as he opened up the envelope. They are aimed at children aged 6 -12 and although my son is a bit younger he still very much enjoyed having a look at them. It just meant that I had to read the comic strip text out to him and help him to complete the activities. Set in the fictional land 'New Dino City', the Dino Supersaurus series follows four young dinosaurs with awesome superpowers as the protect the city from the evil Sinistaurs. The illustrations and comic strips have been created by Tim Wesson and Nikalas Catlow and they are really fun. The way the illustrations have been done capture all the fun that you would get reading a magazine within a book and will definitely appeal to a wide range of children.

At the beginning of each book is a 'How it all began…' page which helps the reader to see where it all started and it also introduces all of the supersaurs and the sinistaurs. My son is very much into dinosaurs at the moment and he quickly recognized which dinosaurs they all were. Trix the leader of the supersaurs is a triceratops and Doc is a diplodocus. If you haven't guessed already the leader of the Sinistaurs is T-Rex. We very much enjoyed reading about their adventures to save New Dino City.

At 3.99 each for the two book I reviewed I think the books are really good value as you could easily pay that for a child's magazine and these books hold a lot more material in them and can be read over and over again. The Stickersaurus book was my favourite of the two books as the pages open out to create a four page spread, which my son and I both really liked as it meant you could see the bigger picture and it is very different from other books that we have. The Superpower coloring book continues with the comic theme throughout, continuing the story and giving you coloring and activities to do. It also came with a flick book which had my son very intrigued. Despite being quite a bit younger than the recommended age my son has really enjoyed reading these and it has been lovely to find him sitting in a chair quietly studying the comic strip and following the story of the Supersaurs.

There are four books in the Dino supersaurus range: 2000 stickers, superpower colouring, doodlesaurus book and stickersaurus and you can find out more and buy here on Amazon. Other stockist include Debenhams, WHSmith, Sainsbury's, Toys R Us and

Overall these are fantastic books, in fact I have been so impressed with them that I have ordered my God son some for his birthday. I would definitely recommend.

I wasn't paid for this review and all opinions are my own, however I was sent the book in order for me to review it.


  1. These look great, my little cousin would love these!!! (And my partner too, I`m sure! Anything dinosaur related!)

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog yesterday, I'm following your blog now...can't wait to read more :) xx

    1. They are pretty awesome, thanks for commenting its so nice to hear what people think x