Saturday, 1 February 2014

That Special Moment - Our handmade Christmas

Miss Lucy Loves is hosting a competition with Lloyds Bank to write about your 'Moments that Mattered' in 2013. So one particular moment that really mattered to me a lot was Christmas just gone. We had decided earlier in the year that in an attempt to save money we would embark upon a handmade Christmas. It seemed like a really good idea at the time, and I was brimming full of ideas - bath bombs, paper necklaces, customized vintage trunks, cufflinks, pictures. You name it and I was thinking about it! Many of you will know that November was a pretty tough month for me, having ended up with emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy (you can read more about my Ectopic here if you are interested), but despite that I still managed to finish my presents, some of them simplified or changed, but finished non the less. The moment that really mattered for me was not what I had achieved in my own making as tricky as has it had been, but just how overwhelmed I was with the gifts that my family had made for me. I just wasn't expecting it, I had become so consumed with making and finishing my own gifts that I hadn't even given a thought to what people had made me. I had no idea what was in store.

The first gift was from my Mum; a coat. I had no idea she had been making this for me, and people stop and ask me where I got it from, its that good. What is even more amazing is that my Mum didn't take any measurements at all and it a perfect fit. The hours that went into making this coat I know must have been a lot and I am bowled over that someone would do that for me.

Then my sister made me a picture, its vibrant and fun and I absolutely love it! What I have been so taken with is the workmanship that was put into this items, just for me. The gifts are beyond what I ever could have imagined. There were others too from candles, to glass jars with amazing decorations and drawings on them, a decorated toy chest for my boys as well as quillows. The living room was bursting full of gifts on Christmas morning where the time taken to create them really demonstrated the love we have for each other.

Finally my Dad gave my husband and I a clock. My siblings got one too each personalized to them, but ours is made with wine corks as my husband and I love a good glass of wine to relax in the evening.

I really never expected to feel so overwhelmed by such a simple thing as handmade gifts, but it was just what I needed at the end of a tough year. A demonstration of love in such a simple way. If you want to change the way you think about Christmas I would definitely recommend a handmade christmas, just leave yourself plenty of time to make your creations and start early! By early I mean now, handmade gifts take a long time to make and craft and you don't want to be rushing it all in in December.

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