Sunday, 2 February 2014

Super fast biking

Last year was a busy year for us in so many ways, but I am so proud of my eldest son for learning to ride his bike. I have this proudness deep inside me as he whizzes down the pavement on it, taking out a few unsuspecting parents on the way. It makes me laugh nearly everyday as he travels ahead of me down the pavement on the way to playschool, going so fast that I am out of breathe by the time we arrive. I tail behind him desperately trying to keep up.

I see learning to ride his bike as a memory that matters for both me and for him, and I hope he looks back at learning pleased about his achievement. For me when I think about biking in my own childhood they are great memories; hours outside in the fresh air, learning to balance, biking with my friends. I had hours of fun in the country air, tackling every type of terrain possible. I hope that learning to ride a bike means as much to my son, and I believe it will do as he is always so excited to find his helmet and then race me down the street. 

We decided upon a balance bike for him having seen other friends kids have great success on them. After copious amounts of research we chose a specialised one with matching helmet, as we felt that introducing a helmet right from the beginning would be the best way to teach safety. I love that the bike already comes with goo already in the tyres so that it can withstand the hawthorn bushes littering our country paths. We opted for no brakes so that our son learned to control the speed himself and although he does scuff his shoes it has taught him a lot about control and learning to leave himself enough time to stop. We brought it a little early for him (age 2) as we were a bit too excited, but this last year he turned 3 he has really got the hang of it, and it seems like nothing can hold him back.

The beauty about a balance bike if you have never seen one is the ability to push yourself along and then glide gaining great speed. When we pass the school age kids at least a year older than my son with stabilizers, I actually feel sorry for them, peddling so hard without actually getting very far, whilst we whizz on past. Without my Phil and Ted's pushchair to push my youngest along in with its air filled tyres I am pretty sure I would not be able to keep up with this super fast biking kid.

My son learning to use his bike really is a memory that matters that I really want to treasure and I want him to treasure too. Its such a valuable skill to learn and I am so proud of him.

This post is my entry into the Memories that Matter competition hosted by Oh so Amelia with Lloyd's bank

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