Thursday, 13 February 2014

Rocking it up with Pink hair!

Life in a Break Down and CoolBlades are asking bloggers about what they think the biggest hair trends of 2014 will be. Anyone that has seen my posts over the last few months will know that last year I chopped all my hair off and I love it shorter, but I always feel like there is something missing. Having gone blond, shorter and quite funky with my cut, I feel that what I really need now is something to really make it zing. That extra something that makes people look again, captivated by the colour peeping through at them - pink!

I love this short blond cut with the pink highlights coming through - watch this space this might be the one for me!
I have always had this thing for pink hair and so I am going to go out on a limb and push with everything that I have that pink hair is definitely the way to go in 2014! Lets rock those pink highlights, twist in the pink into our scruffy up-do's and pink it all up. I am not talking pale pink, thats been and gone with Helen Mirren but something vibrant, bright and dark - raspberry pink. I have been inspired by this image of Perrie Edwards from Little Mix as I love the dark pink coming through at the bottom. Its elegant rather than overstated and I think it looks incredible!

Perrie Edwards from Little Mix
I put together this Pinterest board capturing the essence of my thoughts on pink hair from going big and colouring all over through to a short blond cut with hints of pink popping through at the front. Overstated or subtle I think that rocking out the pink locks is definitely the way forward in 2014!

I hope I have inspired you to rock it up with pink hair in 2014, why not try it? What do you want the trends to be this year? 


  1. Pink hair is amazing!!! I wish I had the guts to dye mine a crazy colour again I used to be black and red :) x

    1. You should go for it - start with it as highlighted chunks that can be hidden if needed then work up. : )