Friday, 14 February 2014

Pastel Beauty, Hidden Passion - Valentine Inspired Outfit!

I love new concepts and ideas and I recently came across a new website called Grabble. Its a bit like Pinterest because you can 'grab' clothes that you like from fashion websites and store them in albums to create outfits on a board, or store your must have items in a wishlist. Whats also quite exciting about this fashion focussed website is that when one of your items goes into the sale, Grabble will email you and let you know - sounds fab to me.

So I got stuck right in creating my first board for EtailPR a Valentines inspired outfit. Pastels are really big this season so I went for a pale pink theme, a subtle and yet elegant reference to love as the meaning behind the colour pink is unconditional love and nurturing. I just love the ASOS Skater Coat with zip front and ASOS Origami Bonded Mini Dress as they give such a fantastic shape and I could see myself wearing these over and over again. As its Valentines day I really wanted a little twist with my outfit, so I opted for a Mimi Holiday Raspberry Ripple Fuller Bust Bra and Thong in a fantastic hot pink colour! Have a look at my Pastel beauty, hidden passion board below for my full outfit with accessories:

Being honest I was really surprised at how easy Grabble was to use, and once you have added the 'grab' button to your bookmark bar you are ready to start grabbing! It is definitely a site that I will be using again to collate my fashion favourite's as there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a piece of clothing you love when you are browsing. Then when you finally decide to buy it you can't quite remember where you saw it. This way you can 'grab' it when you see it, making it really easy to click on it when you want to buy it, and build your outfit around that one special piece too, perfect. So why not have a go? I would love to see what outfits you put together.

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