Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Little Explorer

My youngest son is 22 months and the last year has been an exciting time for him. Looking back I had forgotten just how much developmentally you pack into being one. From learning to walk through to his ever expanding vocabulary there are so many different skills that he has been absorbing and learning. One of the moments that really matters that I wanted to capture in this post is his love for adventure and exploring. If he can be outside he will be. Countless times I have found him outside poking sticks into plant pots, digging out the dirt and throwing it everywhere. For me this love to explore and play getting himself really messy is important and will shape who he will be in the future.

Even in the winter months I wanted us to be outside as much as possible, I hate the cold but I hate depriving my kids of exploration more. So with lots of layers and full waterproofing we often went out, collecting leaves, finding conkers, talking about acorns. As parents it is so easy to get busy doing things, to become routine about what we do with our children and when we do it. So thats why this outdoor exploration has been so important this year, because it was not just about my sons development but it was also about me challenging my expectations of being a Mum and allowing my children to play outside.

Our conker hunt was one of my favourite of all of our outdoor adventures because my eldest son led the way following on the trail of conker trees. We spent hours wondering around, kicking back mud and leaves, rummaging around to uncover a huge range of shiny conkers. Each one was different and each one they found brought with it so much joy and excitement. For my youngest this was at the point he had become a confident walker and he was very pleased to be allowed to roam around hunting too. He kept looking at me for encouragement with such a twinkle in his eyes. For me this is what being a kid is all about, learning by exploring.

I am secretly hoping for snow in this new year, my youngest was too small last year for it but being such an outside explorer I think he would love it! Outdoor play for me is a moment that matters from last year and I hope that it will matter this year too as we move full swing into it.

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