Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Good Building

Anyone that knows me will already know that I am not much of one for housework, I only do it when needed. Instead I love building with my boys. Whether it's trains or a duplo tower block I am right there with them building. Up until recently my youngest had been very destructive when my eldest was building as most one year olds are. But all of that changed in mid 2013. We have moved into the era of having two builders to please as they give me orders about what they want where. I have also started to build much bigger than we had been so that both boys can play but still have their own space to play in.  This saves arguments of a single piece of track and keeps me sane!

I am sure that there are many parents that don't think building is anything special but for me it is. My husband loves coming home and seeing an amazing and carefully crafted track on the floor. Or  if it doesn't survive that long (which it doesn't always) a picture from my phone! Everytime we build something there is excitement as we create something new and not seen before by the eyes of my two boys. Then the imagination starts and this is what really makes building such a moment that matters for us. I love to watch the imagination run wild as a car garage appears and the train brings the sick animals into the car garage because there is no room at the vets. Then the ambulance helicopter flys in to airlift one really sick cow out except that the pilot takes it too close to the ground and it gets eaten by a dinosaur! This incident actually happened in our playroom not so long ago! Imagination and freedom to believe it is so important when your are playing with young minds. The concentration is also incredible as I hear them talking in the voices of the characters and solving problems. 
We have lots of toys to choose from but I love that both boys now want to work together to play with these toys again and again. I am always going to think fondly of these building times with my boys. They have learned so many skills in the process from coordination, imagination through to negotiating their own space.

The reason why this building time even though such a simple thing is so special and so memorable to me, is the time we spend together doing it. We all like quality time, where we are all focused on building the same thing, with the same goal. Sometimes the concentration as my boys are moving and securing their pieces into place is incredible to see. For me thinking back to my childhood one of my earliest memories is building a duplo tower so high that we had to wedge it against the ceiling to keep it standing up. I can picture the tower in my head and endless hours I spent building and crafting myself. I hope that my boys too will think back to this precious time together and think fondly of the amazing train tracks we built and the fun we had together doing it. For me this is what being young is all about, having fun and using your imagination, challenging yourself to come up with new creations each time you start the designing process anew.

I hope that we continue to build building memories long into 2014 and beyond. I am sure the time will come when my boys want to build more complex and difficult things that will be beyond my understanding and help, but for now I am enjoying building with the toys we have and capturing moments that matter with them.

This is my entry into the moments that matter giveaway hosted by Away with the Fairies in association with Lloyds Bank. I hope it has inspired you to do some building too!

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