Saturday, 15 February 2014

Castles made of clothes

We all love the beach in our house, the only problem is that we don't live anywhere near one! The other day whilst playing my son came up with this great idea - clothes castles. He is three and his imagination always amazing me, and this idea of his was no exception. He basically found an empty bin and stuffed it full if clothes, packing it down (like you would a sandcastle) then he tipped it out creating his very first clothes castle. He then grabbed my phone and took a picture, this one (thats why its a bit blurry). Cool idea huh?

The possibilities seem endless! It does mean we have clothes everywhere but being honest that's no different from usual. I at least once a day stuff his clothes back in his wardrobe. I say stuff because this is what I actually do, I gave up on neat piles a long time ago as the only person it was frustrating was me! I have embraced the fact that his clothes come out daily, so why not do something creative with them? So why not have a go too? 

What creative play ideas do your little ones come up with? I would never have thought of this one myself!

To you it may just look like a pile if clothes but I know to my son he was really proud of his clothes creation. It's these small imaginative and creative moments that we should be celebrating! 

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