Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Bathtime fun with Nemo Bubbles

H&A and Tots 100 are looking for a Bathtime Time Fun Squad and as a result they sent us some Nemo bubbles to try out in our bath. We couldn't wait to try them and my youngest was very excited about Nemo being on the bottle, I have never seen my two boys run so quickly to jump into the bath!

I am usually cautious when it comes to bubbles as both of my boys suffer with eczema but I was keen to try the Nemo bubbles as they are hypoallergenic and dermalogically tested and they love bubbles. My youngest squealed with excitement as he helped me run the bath and all of the bubbles started to foam up in the bathtub, I have never seen the pair of them move so quickly and fight to be the first in. As a child I loved bubbles too and one of the things that I loved to do was put on bubble beards and its a family tradition that we like to continue…

Chin Curtain
Full Santa!
Half hearted!
Kiss a big beard!
We also thought that it would be fun to add some colour to make the bubbles really pop! I had some purple powder dye that I use for making bath bombs with, so I knew it wouldn't stain my bath but it really turned the bath purple (make sure you do a tester with your dye if your not sure if you want to do the same too)! More excitement ensued, and my youngest enjoyed grabbing the bubbles and covering his arms with them and then Thomas the tank engine had to make a treacherous trip across foamy ledge. It was a mission of great danger and he had to push his way through a lot of bubbles but he finally made it across! Phew!

Thomas on foamy ledge!
The Nemo bubbles are great and being hypoallergenic has meant that both of my boys can finally enjoy some bubble action without me having to worry about their skin. Like all bubbles if you put too many in they can make the bath more slippy than without but thats easily resolved with a non slip mat to line the bath. I found the best way to get the most bubbles is to put the mixture in as your running the hot water in, that way you don't need very much mixture to make the most of your bubbles. The packaging is really fun and my youngest loved that Nemo was on the front. Overall a great product that you should try - plus I would love to see your mustaches and beards!

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