Sunday, 19 January 2014

Which watch would you choose?

The Watch Gallery and etailPR are asking bloggers which watch would you choose? You can find out more about the competition here on the etailPR blog.

Anyone that knows my husband would know that he loves watches and takes great pride in wearing one. The one I have picked is a bit out of my price range, but I am allowed to dream! So here it is:

Its the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Steel and Ceramic Mens Watch£2,350. I have chosen it because my husband loves the F1 (and secretly so do I - not that I admit that very often), he likes the metal straps and the deployment buckle which this watch has. The watch is water resistant to 200m which is important when you do bath time regularly with your children (just in case you forget to take it off). The style is classic, elegant and stylish, but different enough to make people look at work. The sapphire crystal is scratch resistant which with my husband being so practical and hands on is an important feature. Overall it is a pretty impressive watch and I think my husband would love it!

What would you choose and why?

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