Friday, 3 January 2014

The Carrot Cake Catastrophe!

Parragon Books have sent me a new book to review as part of their Book Buddies Scheme. The Carrot Cake Catastrophe by Elizabeth Dale and Gemma Raynor.

Its a lovely book and is becoming one of my favourites to read to my boys, as it a heartwarming tale about Jenny, a young rabbit who wants to make her Mummy a surprise birthday cake. In the story she enlists Grandad to help her to make the carrot cake, but Grandad doesn't have very good eyesight and accidentally puts some of the wrong ingredients in; like soap instead of butter and the eggs whole, shell and all. It is a fantastic story and I don't want to spoil the end for you, so you will have to read it to find out what happens to Jenny and Grandad's surprise cake when mummy gets home.

This is us ready to go - my son was in charge of
carrot peeling

Both of my boys really like the story, my eldest whose 3 particularly found it funny and enjoyed it. I love it when he laughs out loud and giggles at the storyline. The pictures are really well illustrated and the characters are very inviting visually as you are reading it. What is really lovely is that at the end of the book there is a recipe included to make your own carrot cake. So Jake and I thought that we would have a go….

This is the mixture ready to go in the oven.
The recipe was really easy to follow and I am really pleased with how the cake turned out (its pretty tasty as well). We did almost have our own "cake catastrophe" whilst making it, as my youngest turned off my electric scales while I was sieving out the flour. Luckily for me I bake often enough to know roughly how much goes in per spoonful, so I was able to guess, and the recipe turned out perfect. I love carrot cake and the icing tastes delicious!

Here it is the finished Carrot Cake!

I would definitely recommend this lovely heartwarming story, The Carrot Cake Catastrophe, by Elizabeth Dale and Gemma Raynor.

It would make a lovely gift for a budding baker. You can get it here on Amazon if you want to buy it for £5.99 which I think is a great price for such a fun book. 

This review is my own opinion, and I received a copy of the book in order to review it.

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