Friday, 31 January 2014

The bed that ruined our holidays

As parents to two young children one of the most treasured and important things to us right now is sleep. I just can't seem to get enough of it. 

So this week my husband and I had the rare opportunity to have a night away in Nottingham. My husband was working but I got invited along too and spent the afternoon reading my book - yes, reading! After consuming over 120 pages of my book in the afternoon in the quiet and peace of stillness I felt very refreshed. I love my kids but it should be compulsory that all parents get a refresh every now and then it feels wonderful. After much needed time with my husband and a fantastic meal in the Hart Restaurant we settled down to sleep, exhausted from the day. 

I was so excited about the sleep part of our trip- a whole night of un-disturbed beauty sleep. No pitter patter of tiny feet to awake me at some unearthly hour begging to watch TV. But that isn't quite what happened. Some would have considered it a comfy matress but I just couldn't sleep because I had forgotten; our matress at home has ruined our holidays! 

At home you see around five years ago we looked to buy a new matress. After a grueling few hours in the showroom battling with my husband over firmness with no resolution we slumped onto a tempur - pedic matress unsure of what to do. It really happened just like that we fell onto the most comfy matress ever and the only one we had ever agreed on. The argument had been resolved. 

We brought it there and then sure that this would be the one. If you have never slept on a tempur matress you should. After about a week I was sleeping better than ever. I say about a week because as the sales assistant warned us the first night you get out of bed wondering what you have done then you adjust, and you just can't go back, or I can't anyway! 

The catch is, yesterday when we got back home from our night away, I was glad to sink down into my own bed and have that deep sleep that I wanted. This amazing tempur matress that allows me to sleep so well has also stopped me from enjoying my holidays. Now on holiday I pine for my comfy bed at home, spending all night tossing and turning. The only answer I can see to this problem is to find a hotel with tempur mattresses. Only problem is I don't know of any, do you? 

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